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Monthly Horoscope

September 2020

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new routines baby!

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Scorpio, Mars in the 6th house of daily routines is squaring the 3rd house of communication.  Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn can interrupt any travel plans, cause vehicle issues, delays in travel, last minute change of plan.  You can also find yourself having difficulty in communicating your needs.  There is a lot of internalized energy that can cause frustration so to remember this is not personal.  If you work in sales, you may need find that there will be more difficult planets to deal with.  You can also see delays in work projects or having to redo work due to errors.  Mars in the 6th House of daily routine can cause some waves with coworkers or employees. This transit is great to quit a habit that no longer is useful to you such as smoking, drinking, or implementing a new work our routine or lifestyle.  If you are frustrated take a walk during your break and remember this too shall pass.  Although, you may find miscommunication frustrating and daily routines very demanding after this aspect disappears you will have worked towards something new in the areas work and commerce. These house care mercury houses and naturally carry a lot of anxious energy. Organize you daily life by writing your daily tasks down to manage the stress around all demands.   The 3rdhouse can also indicate delays in course completion or new skill, however, once you complete the education you will manifest in the area of the 6thhouse of work and daily routines. 


New Moon in Leo 8/18/20

Manifest a New Career or Career advancements. You can really sell yourself and nail a great paying job. New moons represent new beginnings so set intentions to manifest more money, new job, new career, or promotion. The universe is blessing your endeavors. 



Venus will be entering the 9thhouse of higher beliefs, travel, and education.  Channel her energy by doing what you love. Plan a trip or quick getaway. If that’s not at all possible cozy up with a nice book, new project, or preach your beliefs.  If you have been thinking in enrolling in college or a long-term training, Venus will support your endeavors. Do what you love!  

Scorpio Crystals for the Month:

Malachite- Protection and Healing

Red Jasper- Strength and Empowerment


Love, Abundance, Luck,




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