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Monthly Horoscope

September 2020

Spice up your personal relationships

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Libra, Mars in the 7th  house squaring the 4th house.  The house and relationship are partnerships is on the forefront. You partner will require a lot from you to change the home environment.  If you are single you may find yourself being attracted to more fire energy personalities and vibrant drive.  You can fall passionately in love with this person but beware of the immense passion, as it can cause disagreements. Mars in the 7th  house can cause issues in negotiations, tension with relationships, or delays in business deals. Mars enjoys sex so if you find yourself fighting more with your partner, than less talking and more f*ing.  You may be very aggressive when it comes to your partnerships or finds that you are around persons that are agitated easily or angered quickly.  Let out some steam by working out from home or as a pair.  You if you are sing Libra, well you’ll feel a fire to go after what and who you want. Get it!


New Moon 8/18/20

New moons bring new beginnings and they are happing in the area of gains, profits, social networks, and friends. This is a great time to set a life plan.  Look into ways of investing in your retirement or join a cause that you really believe in. You may wish to express your individual ideologies and finds an organization or group that advocates for humanity.  Heck you can even start your own non-profit, who am I to limit your dreams. After all this arear of your horoscope rules your goals, do you. 



Get some money! Venus transit the 10th  house activates your career and achievements.  You are shinning bright in the work environment. If you are not employed, then you will definitely get noticed.  This may happen in your social networks or literally turning some heads. Venus loves looking good so whatever you want to achieve make sure that you are doing will looking Fabulous!

Libra’s Crystals for the Month:

Aventurine- Wealth and Abundance

Pyrite- Money Magnet and Protection


Love, Abundance, Luck,




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