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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

Dream up some money. I am worth...

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Let’s talk money and ideals. Mars in the 11th  house and Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in the 8th house will be forming a difficult aspect.  Your ideologies and resources can be impacted. The 11th house rules large networks, groups, dreams, money from career, and humanitarian beliefs. You may experience some tension from friends or have to be more supportive to a friend that was hurt or mistreat in some way. Mars in the 11th house will be squaring the planets in the 8th house of trauma and resources. You may make a manse with a friend that hurt your or owed you money or you may be asked to payback a loan that you may not have the means to pay at this time. The square aspect call to solve any financial issues and get your resources in order. The 8th house rules loans, taxes, credit cards, and partners resources. This aspect can bring some delays in money or spending money very quickly.  If you are a business owner, this can up and down regarding your finances.  Money can be steady as long as you don’t take questionable risks and budget responsibly.  This is a good time to set a plan to make a dream come true and work towards saving money for it. 


New Moon in Leo on 8/18/20

New beginnings regarding your communication and socialization style.  The new moon is going to be allowing you to speak your truths.  The south node will be on the Galactic Center in your 7th  house of partnerships and urge you to heal any past hurts regarding serious relationships that caused your trauma in the past.  You will be able to speak your truths and release this internal pain.



Venus transiting the 2nd house of self-love, resources, and pleasures and asks you to pamper yourself.  Venus naturally rules the 2nd house in gets all in her feels when she is transiting this house.  Do things that you love. Eat nice tasty dinners, fruits and and deserts. 

Gemini Crystals for the Month:

Amazonite - manage their own spiritual business or healing practice and self love.  


Chryscolla - Communication and  Power 

Love, Abundance, and Luck, 





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