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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

Making Power moves, nuff said

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Aries ♈️ you are being asked to workout some blockages that are preventing you from establishing a stable career environment.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in your 10th house of career, status and authority and making a tense square aspect to your first house, the physical body and life path. You will get some push back from people in authority. You have great inner power and Mars in your first house will give you’re the endless supply of fight in you.   The work you do now will payoff ten folds later and you will love it!! 


New Moon in Leo 

The New Moon on 8/18/20 will get your creative juices going.   New moon’s represent new beginnings.  This could be the new beginning of a project, birth of a child or love project, or a new romance. You can feel very adventurous and take up a hobby.  This is, do what you love energy. The Sun in Leo will be trining the South Node on the Galactic Center. This is great to tap into spirituality.  The frequency of the Galactic Center can be very energetic and can overwhelm some but can also assist you in tapping to the divine. If you happened to be overwhelmed remember to do something physical to let the steam out as Mars is also tringin the New Moon.  Mars in Aries is not very spiritual but does enjoy a good work out. Get sweaty in whatever you decide to do and honor the Mars’ energy that has you fired up with ambition. This house also represents self -employed individuals. If you are self-employed than there will be new beginnings in regard to how you run your day to day operations. You can develop or launch a more efficient business process that will free up a little time to work on other areas of your business. 



Venus is moving in to your 4th house of home and security. You may enjoy being at home and spending time with loved ones, or learning new make up techniques.    Do things around your home to refresh your surroundings like rearrange your furniture and some cleaning. Pamper your skin and eat lots of in season fruits. You may feel like cuddling and spending time with your honey bunny. If you are single, self-love practices to nurture your feminine energy is recommended. You may find what you are looking for!  Until next month! 

Love, Abundance, & Luck,




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