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16 de septiembre de 2021 · cambió la descripción del grupo
🪐 Astrologer

Welcome to your AstroTribe! A community of spiritually minded people. Welcome all healers, spiritual seekers, and light workers!

This is a group for the intuitive empath whom wishes to develop their gifts, stay in tune with the astrological energy, and grow their toolbox of healing + intuitive practices.

What this community offers:

🔮Live Astrology Weather with Astro Krys

🍀Guest Hosts

💖Astrology Forecast Posts

🧿Updates for each of the Lunations & Major transits

🪐 Monthly Astrology or Spiritual Lesson + Q&A

Hi, I’m Krystal, Krys, AstroKrys,

I am a Certified Astrology Teacher and Talisman Alchemist. I've been practicing astrology for over 15 years. I stumbled up on astrology early in my life and it has guided my path ever since! I have overcome trauma, hurt, and self love issues due to astrology unleashing my soul and walking the path of spiritual transformation.

Astrology has taught me valuable lessons of the life path that was meant for me and I've helped hundreds of others find this path too. I've used several other modalities to heal and got certified as a Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Ho'oponopono Consultant, NLP certified, Akashic Records, Soul Realignment* and Family constellation Practitioner.

I am a firm believer that everyone has gifts to share and we are forever learning and evolving.

I am very excited that you are here and can't wait to get to know you.

Let’s grow our souls together and achieve greatness in our lives

Tammy ♥️
Samaret Llamas
Jamie L
Gina Florentino-Diaz

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Welcome to your AstroTribe! A community of spiritually minde...


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