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Who is ready for Mercury Retrograde? Crystal Healing Tips For Throat Chakra and Mercury Retrograde

📿Consider wearing crystals as pieces of jewelry. It’s best to wear a necklace with a crystal pendant that sits closely on your throat, allowing you to activate Mercury, Gemini House, and Throat Chakra.

💎 Place a blue crystal for your throat chakra next to your bed, your office, or home to support and encourage honest communication and self-expression.

🧘‍♂️Meditate with Crystals . Make sure to focus on releasing anger and frustrations while speaking your truth.

🛌 You can place a blue crystal under your bed, pillow or near your bed in order to induce creativity and self-expression.

💎 Making Crystal elixirs, as well as essences, are another great way to harness the crystal’s wonderful energies of your throat chakra.

Test your crystal knowledge and TAKE THE CHALLENGE 💕

What crystals do you think were used for this grid?

🥰I’ll DM you the list of crystals used on this crystal grid when you comment 🥰

How are you getting ready for #Mercuryretrogradeinlibra Comment below 👇🏽

Vanessa Mendoza
Jamie L
Jamie L
Jamie L
Oct 06, 2021

Lapis Lazuli, turquoise, chrysocolla, clear quartz, shugilite;

I'm preparing by backing up and saving electronic docs, devices and trying not to stress!


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