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Astro Coaching

Astro Coaching

Transformational Astrology Coaching for soul purpose alignment and Spiritual development

Natal Chart and Solar Return readings are excellent readings to know themes in your life and of the upcoming year. However, a single astrology reading doesn't allot the time to break down the year ahead to get the best out fo your transits.  In Astro Coaching I combine my plethora of skills, knowledge and expertise to provide a transformational coaching experience that meets your needs. 

What is Astro Coaching?

Astro coaching sessions incorporate life coaching support that work on the integration of your individualized goals and also taking accountability of why these goals have not manifested in your life and why changing your behaviors around this goal will help you attain them. We dive deeper into your birth chart while considering astrological techniques such as planetary returns, secondary progressions, or perfections. 
In addition to astrological counseling, coaching sessions include several modalities such as akashic clearing, neurolinguistic programing, meditation, breathwork, crystal healing, sound healing, communication/relating skills, dream work, archetype work, connecting with your personal guides, creating personalized rituals, shadow work, trance healing and mindset techniques. The experience is individualized to meet your needs and differs based on your needs and goals!​

Who is Astro Coaching For?

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Astro coaching for those who are seeking a more personalized transformational life experience. Coaching is a future focused process of transformation. As a coach, I partner with you on your path to change. I provide guidance and accountability so you can achieve your vision of transformation. Coaching is not about quick fixes It’s about self transformation and soul alignment.
Through coaching we’ll go through the discovery stages: getting clear on what you want and your ultimate vision. From there we will pinpoint your values and mission, your deep truths, and assure that your goals are congruent with the most authentic version of you. Together we will create clear goals for your career and business, and we’ll assure your health is on track to sustain your work. We then chart the path to success—how to make your vision a reality. Then comes achievement and execution: I’ll support you as you unleash the creativity and power that you already possess, so you can act on the big plans you have for your life. You’ll leave each session feeling heard, understood and witnessed.Together we will navigate obstacles on your path to success.

Your Healing investment 

Package 1

Four(4) 60 minute Zoom sessions


$555.00 (a $800.00 Value) 

Package 2

Eight (8) 60 Minute zoom Sessions


$1011.00 (A $1600.00 Value)

Sessions are completed via Zoom. Includes follow-up Recommendations, Natal chart, and recorded meeting. Your personal investment and commitment will be necessary, as scheduled package sessions are non-refundable if missed.  Rescheduled requests are honored at least 24 hrs prior to scheduled appointments.

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