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Astrological Approach to Psychic Development

27 jul 2021 - 24 oct 2021

  • 90días
  • 114pasos
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In this course you will learn how to tap into your inner intuition. This 8 class course was designed to guide you in deepening the connection to your inner gifts. You will tap into clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairalience, and clairgustance, as well as fine-tune your intuition. The class will be held in a group setting, you will work together in group activities, you will have homework to support your growth, and you deepen your connection with your internal guidance. The Course is designed to walk you through a systematic process in activating your third eye and developing your intuitive gifts. Each class will run for up to three hours each session with Q&A after each class.. IN THIS COURSE, YOU WILL LEARN: 🔮How to identify psychic abilities in the natal chart 🔮Learn astrological based tools to boost your intuition 🔮How to work with your spiritual gifts to receive messages 🔮Learn the difference between fear and intuition 🔮Learn to clear, read, protect, and expand your aura 🧿 Spiritual protection techniques 🧿 How to work with the chakra system 🧿 What to do with crystals 🧿 How to connect and work with your spirit guides 💖 Meet and connect with other spiritual seekers. You will create lasting friendships and possible collaborations in the future 💖Private Course Group 💖Online Course Hub - Recordings and Handouts No Refunds after course starts. Payment plans will lose access if automatic card payment is cancelled or declined.

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