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Astrology 101 Course

This one of a kind astrology course is everything you've been looking for in a beginners astrology program. It was designed for anyone to learn astrology with ease and retain the information while having fun. Astrology 101 was designed using visuals, audio, and video to provide an amazing multi-sensory learning experience. This feature facilitates learning for all types of learners.

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Course Syllabus

🌕 You will Learn the Elements and Modalities 

🌖 You will Learn the Meanings of the Planets

🌗 You will Learn the Zodiac Signs Meanings and Expressions

🌑 You will Learn the Meanings of the Astrology Houses  

🌓 You will Learn the Major Aspects and Minor Aspects

🌔 You will Learn How to Start Reading your Natal Chart  

Learning astrology takes time and dedication. For this reason this course will be recorded and available for you to rewatch whenever you need to.

Astrology 101 was designed to teach Astrology in a fun & interactive way

Take your astrology knowledge to the next level.  This course was created with the beginner in mind. I will teach you how to read your astrology chart and how to start reading and practicing with your own chart, families and friends chart.  Everything you need to start analyzing your chart is included in this course. The best gift you can give to  yourself. Discover your divine blue print to start taking charge of your life choices. This course includes over 11 hours of astrology information along with over 5 hours of natal chart examples. 


Be your own


“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

— Dane Rudhyar

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🌙 Access to Four Live Astrology 101 Q & A Sessions

🍀 Live Attendee Natal Chart interpretation Examples

🪐 Access to All Recorded Sessions

🔮 Lifetime Access to Course and Future Enhancements

🧿 Private Astrology 101 Course Group

💖 Handouts & Flash Cards

☸️ Certificate of Completion (Must Pass Quiz) 

🌀Option to Become a Certified Astrologer 






"Everyone should learn astrology"

Astrology is the key to getting to know your unique strengths and most importantly identifying your weaknesses so you can change your life.  As you start the journey to get to know yourself on a deeper level you will align to your lives desires. 

Getting to know ourselves on a deeper level will unlock the subconscious and assist the conscious mind to manifest a new reality.  



Learn on
the Go

The course is accessible through your laptop or mobile device.  All you need is a computer or mobile device, wifi connection, pen and paper, and headphones! After completing this course you will have a comprehensive understanding of Astrology.



Astro Vibe Tribe

Why You'll L💖VE this Community!

We are only as strong as our community. You want the love and support that comes with a community during time of uncertainty. The need for a nurturing high vibe tribe that supports it's members along their spiritual growth is what is needed to achieve inner peace.   The supportive environment helps you embrace your own intuition. We are centered on our members developing meaningful friendships.

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The 2022 💎Crystals & Astrology Calendar


You will get access to the rest of the years Crystals & Astrology Calendar for 2022.  There's over 1,500 aspects that get loaded on to your Gmail or iCalendar. You will have information on all the lunation, eclipses, planetary aspects in the palm of your hand.  



Transit Report for the next 6 months

This bonus includes an emailed written PDF report of the next 6 months major aspects to your birth chart. Navigate the stars ✨with guidance and confidently plan the rest of the year. The report varies in length as its individualized. Its roughly between 10-20 pages. 

About the Astrol🪐ger

The complete course and Q&A's are taught by Professional Western Intuitive Astrologer, Certified Life Coach, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, and 6 Phase Meditation Teacher Astro Krys 💖

Live Q&A with Astr🔮 Krys

The course curriculum is pre-recorded and will be released every two weeks. In between each week we will host four live Q&A group sessions.  You get to ask questions in the Q&A Group lives. It's like having an astrologer on retainer for the duration of the course.


🔮What's in your Stars✨ 


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