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2023 Krystology Calendar



The Krystalogy Digital Calendar was created to align you with the cosmos and live a more spiritually meaningful life. This Calendar is one of it's kind!  It was specially designed with the beginner astrology enthusiast in mind to the Professional Astrologer whom loves all things mystical. It's a great tool to use no matter what stage you are in your astrology learning. You will have map of the most important cosmic events of the year. Don't miss a single aspect. 
The Calendar marks astrological events (transits) such as Planetary ingressions, the New Moons, the Full Moons, the Moons Voice of Course, Planetary aspects, Visible planet phases, invisible plant phases, eclipses, and retrogrades. This calendar can be adjusted to any time zone and used with a calendar on your phone, tablet, or computer. Compatible with iOS Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar.

"This Digital Calendar is Amazing!! I loved getting all the notifications of the New Moons and Full Moons. I been purchasing this calendar yearly. "
- Michelle M

Organize your life and align with the cosmos by scheduling your appointments on your phone calendar and adding some magic from the stars to your day. This digital calendar will change your daily routines for sure!

💫Don't carry extra stuff with you like planners.

💫Huge time saver

💫Works in any time zone

💫Painlessly convert between time zones

💫Easy,  installation on Google Calendar, iOS, or Outlook

💫The astrology of 2023 in the palm of your hands. 

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What's included in the digital 2023 calendar?

Cosmic Events: Basic planetary contacts, New and Full Moons as well as first and third quarter Moons, Eclipses, planetary stations, and retrograde periods.

Sun and Moon signs ingresses and Void of Course (VOC): Planetary movements across the zodiac signs and the moons void of course path. 

Each ICS file contains

💫Descriptions & Emojis: User friendly descriptions that assist you in identifying the most beneficial vs challenging  cosmic aspects and their significance.
💫Planetary Events: Basic planetary aspects, retrogrades, direct motions, stations, and ingresses.
💫Lunar Events: New and Full Moons, Eclipses, First and Third Quarter Moons, Lunar Ingresses and Void of Course.
💫 Crystal Suggestions: Crystals suggestions for New Moon and Full Moons. 

💫Cleansing of Spiritual Tools Reminders: Reminders to cleanse your crystals and other tools with the cosmos. 

💫 Charging of Spiritual Tools Reminders: Reminders to charge your crystals and other tools with the cosmos. 

Where did I leave my Calendar?

Keeping a planner is essential to manage your  life, especially if you have a heavy 6th house.  Digital planners are so much more handy. No more forgetting your calendar at home. Plan your day, months, and year around the astrological events happening in the sky.

Don't miss opportunities to schedule beauty appoints on the transiting  Libra Moon or get your tires checked before Mercury retro. The spiritual reminders will ensure you never miss the next opportunity to cleanse and charge your crystals and spiritual tools.

That’s why I created this Krystalogy calendar which will be your new pal for your 2023 cosmic journey.


The only Calendar created for the Astrology Enthusiast on the enlightened path. New beginnings for 2021.

Krystalogy is the Best Astrology Calendar for the Cosmic Enthusiast

The Krystalogy Calendar is a software-based digital astrological calendar. Its ready to download in a an easy to plug in universal format and you can import to your Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook.


This astrology calendar works in any time zone and travels with you!

💫 The calendar tells you what sign the Moon is in, when it is Void of Course, and when the New and Full Moons take place.

💫 The calendar also alerts planetary events such as ingress to the signs, retrogrades, and aspects.

💫 The calendar is easy to load on to your personal scheduling software, and sync with all your devices.

Here's a Sample of the Calendar

Align with the Cosmos with Astrology Updates on Your Phone 

Install this annual calendar on all of your personal devices…

Instantly check what’s up in the sky… in YOUR time zone…

And choose your moment to take action.


The Krystalogy Calendar places the daily, weekly, and monthly astrological “weather” at your fingertips, making it easy to plan your life and set appointments for the most auspicious time.

 Order your Digital Calendar Now

Cyber Monday Price!

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Special Features

– Krystalogy Calendar files come in a universal ICS format.

– Compatible with Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook.

– View on any device.

– Works in any time zone– and even switches with you as you travel

FAQs for installation

You purchased the Krystalogy Calendar. Welcome to the #AstroTribe  – here are easy to follow instructions and tips to get you all set up.

How to install for IOS 
How to install for Outlook
How to install for Google



How to uninstall the Calendar

To uninstall the Calendar, please follow the link below and you will find instructions on how to uninstall the calendar.

How to uninstall the Calendar

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